At Home | On a Brooklyn Rooftop with Antique Gallerist Camille Okhio

At Home is a series observing personal journeys, through origins and current spaces. With each feature, we hope to inspire duality of relaxation and effort in the every day.


Camille in The Slim Pareo in black


We caught up with Camille Okhio in her new Brooklyn apartment, where her large collection of books and magazines were already set up. In a single conversation, Camille can traverse the worlds of art, design, music, and philosophy, always keeping us on our toes. In addition to her intellect, we can't stop thinking about her hauntingly beautiful collection of vintage, full of dramatic silhouettes and Edwardian sleeves.


Where are you from? What was a defining memory from your origin?

I grew up in Atlanta, but identify as a Nigerian American.

What was your favorite travel memory and why was it your favorite? What did you take away from it?

My most recent international trip to Paris, London and Berlin was pivotal. Going to Versailles, Sir John Soanes Museum, Sanssouci Palace and Berghain all in one trip sums me up as person. It was the most visually, intellectually, and spiritually inspiring trip I have ever been on. It was also a solo trip - one that proved to me how much strength and light exists within me.



How do you reconcile the duality of relaxation and effort in your life?

You exert mental effort, so that you can exude physical and visual effortlessness.

What is one idea or concept you stand for and why?

Truth. Without seeking self knowledge and being open about your findings, you can never be a truly full person or contribute anything of value.


Camille in The Cala Slip Dress in red


How do you build a sense of calm in your personal space?

Books and tapered candles.

Describe your personal style. How does it reflect back to your way of life?

Monastic Chic. My inner world is very severe. That is reflected often in how I dress.



Camille in The Playa Robe in natural khadi


Where is your personal journey leading you to -- what’s next?

Hopefully, complete and total freedom.



Photography by Mukul Bhatia for Par en Par.

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