At Home | In an Airy Soho Loft with Architect Jennifer Chang

At Home is a series observing personal journeys, through origins and current spaces. With each feature, we hope to inspire duality of relaxation and effort in the every day.


blue culotte

Jennifer in The Tie-Waist Culotte in indigo


Jennifer Chang, Director of Architecture at Common, designed the airy Soho loft she resides in with a deliberate mix of clean shapes, houseplants and negative space. We immediately felt a sense of calm in her space; it's no wonder why her place is a regular place of gathering amongst friends. 


Where are you from? What was a defining memory from your origin?

Taipei.  I grew up playing on a tree-lined pedestrian street where bubble tea was invented!

What was your favorite travel memory and why was it your favorite? What did you take away from it?

For my second visit to the Art Islands in Japan, I was with the two people closest to me in my life.  We had gotten up at sunrise to catch the ferry to one of the smaller islands.  By our rented electronic bikes, we arrived at the museum 40 minutes before opening time, and decided to do yoga in the middle of the open road to kill time.  There’s no special takeaway, I suppose.  I just love the feeling of being with those who are dear to me.


Jennifer wears The Cala Slip Dress in red


How do you reconcile the duality of relaxation and effort in your life?

This is a constant struggle in my life.   In my head there’s two axis: work/play and effort/relaxation.  While work/play tends to be tied to a schedule, effort/relaxation is more in my control.  Keeping the two separate really helps me set my own pace.


Red Slip Dress


What is the one idea or concept that you stand for and why?

Abstraction.  It provides the freedom for us to take things apart and put it back together.

How do you build a sense of calm in your personal space?

I like to keep things minimal and neat, but not overly designed.  While I have a strict no-ugly-things policy in my personal space, there’s a degree of wabi-sabi that’s necessary.  Also, my houseplants really contribute to a general sense of calmness, unless they’re dying…



Jennifer wears The Tie-Waist Culotte in natural khadi


Describe your personal style. How does it reflect back to your way of life?

My wardrobe consists of two extremes: Minimalism and Too-Much-ism.  The clean-cut, solid-colored (black) pieces reflect my day-to-day aesthetics; for when I want to feel sharp and look like an “Architect.”  The other side reflects my love of colors and patterns.  The pieces with unique textile designs tend to become long-time favorites that I hold on to past its lifetime.  I feel the same way about architecture; my favorite buildings are never without a unique formal or material expression.

Jennifer wears The Playa Robe in natural khadi


Where is your personal journey leading you to -- what’s next?

Creating thoughtful buildings, spaces, and experiences.  One at a time, and very slowly.



Photography by Mukul Bhatia for Par en Par.

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